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Royal Oak 40th Anniversary Exhibition in Paris - From Avant-Garde To IconThis coming year may be the 40th anniversary with the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak which is being celebrated by a few awesome exhibitions throughout the whole year. Once the exhibitions in Ny and Milan, it was now time for a fun filled event in Paris, France. Audemars Piguet hosted the exhibition during Paris, near the Eiffel tower, in Palais de Tokyo. watches Fratelloreplica watches was invited by Audemars Piguet Switzerland for that opening reception on Tuesday the 5th of June and subsequently morning for the 6th of June for press-only. At 13:00h around the 6th of June, the exhibition opened for the public. On Tuesday evening, the exhibition was opened by Tim Sayler (Chief Marketing Officer) and Octavio Garcia (Art Director). Below, the truth is Mr Sayler on the left and Mr Garcia about the right.Jasmine Audemars (Chairwoman in the board of directors) and Nicolas Besancon (Director of Audemars Piguet France) were certainly, there to welcome your attendees. Over 700 people attended the outlet reception, along with a variety of international and French celebrities. Things to consider Lambert Wilson, Omar Sy (The Intouchables), Patrick Bruel and so on.  The area was packed!The next morning the 6th of June was reserved for press . Interviews was arranged for individuals with Octavio Garcia therefore we were happily surprised that he answered our questions with a lot of passion and openness.Octavio Garcia, Audemars Piguet's Art DirectorMr Garcia, could you've been implementing the Millenary collection for quite a while (with amazing results). Maybe it was challenging to produce the switch from Millenary to Royal Oak (ref. 15202) to re-work a form of how the creative/design choices are so framed?It actually was quite refreshing to make a new model. The Millenary obviously has a history which started in the early 1990s actually. With all the Millenary, we pushed the boundaries quite far and collaborated with Renaud & Papi. Returning to the Royal Oakeven though the frame efforts are much more defined, it is also an awesome challenge because we are dealing with many a millimeter of changes. Arguments with product management, whether indexes should be a tenth of a millimeter longer or shorter.In addition we used a lot of feedback we from clients, included in this a lot of Royal Oak collectors. Their perspective within the Royal Oak is essential to us.It is likely you wouldn't signify when it was the situation, but we'll try anyway: Did AP 'dare' to even consider a different or new movement for that new Royal Oak 'Jumbo' as opposed to the caliber 2121? Actually, the caliber 2121 is an alternative movement pc is at 1972. We haven't sat still within this movement and it has evolved through the years. The basics are the same though. watches for women We do not know yet what are the future will bring us though, we're constantly discussing these products.The metal Royal Oak is proven to be a scratch magnet (particularly the bezel), will there be anything - besides taking good care along with it - you're able to do with that or have you already perhaps did some tweaks on the new Royal Oak 'Jumbo' to stop the watch from being scratched easily?On the list of strengths in the Royal Oak may be the hand finishing on the steel case and bracelet. On this new model, over 400 surfaces are finished manually ,. Which gives the steel a selected shine that you don't receive from another kind of finishing process. A Royal Oak that's being worn through the owner will get a certain patina with time that's actually quite beautiful. Also, the damage on the Royal Oak tells an account about almost anyone who wears it. So there is really a personal relationship with it that you simply wouldn't get whenever a watch is often perfect.Will you keep to the growing curiosity about the Royal Oak 'Jumbo' (both vintage and new) amongst collectors as well as the on-line community like watch blogs and forums?I aim to follow it as being up to I will, but it is very time intensive for me personally. Personally, I take the time to run through these websites and think they can be essential. Sometimes they can be a bit destabilizing because critic is challenging that is actually where it becomes interesting. We must pay attention to these blogs, because I think there are several pertinent things from them neighborhood watch signs . I'm sure blogs will be the future strategy for communicating and involving clients in to the process.What car design or specific model might you use being a comparison to a Royal Oak 'Jumbo' wrist watch?The most apparent answer would be a Porsche 911. Such as the Royal Oak, it's an icon that has evolved when it comes to technique and tolerances. Technology that's allowed us to try and do things differently plus much more efficiently but always in the spirit with the original.Rumor would be that the production quantity of the Royal Oak 'Jumbo' is suprisingly low over the last two years. Will you foresee the Royal Oak 'Jumbo' to get obviously any good more sought-after icon watch pc already influences next future years?We reorganized the Royal Oak family because we wanted to put the Royal Oak 'Jumbo' using a pedestal. The 15202 is our iconic piece therefore we have eight new appliances represent the contemporary interpretation in the Royal Oak. So yes, perhaps it is also likely to re-interested collectors.Precisely what is your preferred Audemars Piguet watch?The Royal Oak 15202, an original. From Genta, el maestro.Even as already wrote above, the exhibition was located in Palais de Tokyo in Paris and possesses this very industrial look. Artists Sebastien Leon Agneessens, Quayola and Dan Holdsworth were accountable for the fine art representing the forest/wood, the rocks as well as the video pictures of the Vallee de Joux.Creating 'Clous de Paris' dials is an extremely intriquing, notable and special process at Audemars Piguet. The dial maker of Audemars Piguet was present during the exhibition and brought his machine at the same time. He gave a few demonstrations and told us that most the dials of the Royal Oak will be manufactured by doing this. Utilizing a machine that 'reads' the Clous de Paris motif at a larger dial and translates it right into a small tool that creates them in the correct ratio. The dials are increasingly being galvanized, this explains the variations color between similar models.Our own watch photographer Bert inspecting the dial of a Royal Oak.Audemars Piguet also brought a watchmaker for the show, who was capable of giving some explanations and perform a demonstration on disassembling and assembling a movement. Look what he's wearing. We asked around plus it appears that most watchmakers receive their unique Royal Oak at the outset of their career. Sometimes, it's 'their' watch which suggests they created/assembled it themselves.Audemars Piguet brought many Royal Oak replica watches along on the exhibition, but not only off their private museum in Le Brassus but will also from collectors and clients ready to lend their replica watches to AP for these events. Below, an introduction to a number of the replica watches that had been present through the event. Beginning with the original Royal Oak ref.5402 from 1972.Gerard of in2replica watches blog, as being a huge Genta fan himself, accompanied us throughout the whole tour too and that we found a serious capture your own Royal Oaks together with the Eiffel tower.We want to say a BIG Thank You to Audemars Piguet Switzerland for the invitation and warm welcome!More info in regards to the Royal Oak Four decades Anniversary exhibitions can be obtained here. Also make sure to go to our Facebook page and click the Royal Oak Exhibition album for additional (and high-resolution) photos.www.facebook.com/Fratelloreplica watches